The path of the Association Bereshit started in 1999, coming out from the interaction of a bunch of young Neapolitan artists, with the goal of improving the cultural and social fabric of the city. Since its foundation, our ACU (Urban Creativity Association) promoted arts and culture, moving from the citizens and from the suburbs to reach the local administrations trough the art. A social way to consider art and an artistic way to consider our society.

Back in the days, it all started from a common love for the graffiti culture, and now the association has the expertise of sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists, artists, writers, photographers and video makers, all aged between 24 and 35 years.

Despite their young age, the members of the Bereshit Association are involved since more than ten years into projects of redevelopment of degraded and brownfield sites, with emphasis on the western outskirts and suburbs of Naples. We took care of laboratories, events, and exhibitions.


Associazione Culturale Bereshit
P.zza Bovio N°22 – 80133 Napoli
C.F. 94212810637
P.I. 06796861216

(+39) 389 9209 982 Daniele

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