Far away from here the urban decorum means: cleanliness, order, healthiness.

In these parallel universes graffiti can’t find a legal space and is perceived as assault on the decorum.

But in this city the poles are reversed.

Illegal dumps are everywhere, missed recoveries and arson fires.

llegality is the order of this city, an models its image.

Now the paradox is the rule.

Imagine a cure.

Dust is a new idea of decorum taking care of our territory.

Do graffiti, be together and give a new life to our city.

Now the dust is color.

Dust is a Bereshit’s project funded by City of Napoli, Assessorato ai Giovani e Politiche Giovanili, Creatività e Innovazione, with the contribution of Regione Campania.


4 giugno | tuesday
H 10.00 > Workshop
With Associazione Bereshit
Centro Giovani Peppino Impastato
Ore 15.00 > Graffiti

5 giugno | wednesday
H 10.00 > Workshop
With Association Faute O Graff (FRA)
Youth Center Peppino Impastato
H 15.00 > Graffiti

6 giugno | thursday
H 10.00 > Graffiti
P.zza Bagnoli – Via Coroglio – Bagnoli

9 giugno | sunday
H 10.00 > Above the clouds Jam
Graffiti, breakdance, musica, skate
Area ex mercatino via Cerlone – Fuorigrotta